Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Sorry Washington Post: Intel Officials Blow A Gaping Hole In Media Reports That Trump Interfered

Does anybody put faith into "past and current government officials" cited by the Washington Post?  I sure don't.  WaPo is no different than the National Enquirer or TMZ.
Daily Caller reports the directors of the Office of National Intelligence and the NationalSecurity Agency testified on Wednesday that they have not been pressured by President Trump on the ongoing Russia investigation, undercutting recent reports that they were.

Dan Coats, the director of national intelligence, and Adm. Mike Rogers, the director of NSA, largely declined to discuss details about their interactions with Trump when pressed on the matter during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing.

According to news reports published last month, Trump asked both Coats and Rogers to rebut stories that Trump was under investigation as part of the Russia probe.

Both Coats and Rogers reportedly felt uncomfortable with the requests from Trump.
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