Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Taxpayer Funded PBS Website Will Host Blog Post on Transgender Dating

This is what my taxes is paying for? 
Outrageous!  This is not an appropriate use of my hard earned money and PBS needs to be shut down yesterday. 
CNS News reports the website of the federally funded Public Broadcasting Service will host a blog posting about transgender dating, which will be advertised on air next Monday evening when PBS broadcasts the transgender documentary “Real Boy.”

“Real Boy” was produced by the Independent Television Service (ITVS), a congressionally mandated documentary filmmaker that received $86,680,358 in federal funding during the five most recent years reported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (fiscal 2010 through 2014) on its 990 forms.

About 42 minutes into this nearly 57-minute documentary, the video shows a classroom at a California community college, according to a copy of the film provided to CNSNews.com by ITVS. Bennett, the focus of the documentary—who had what PBS calls “gender reassignment surgery” three months before this scene—is in the classroom, listening to a female professor. She is discussing “hyper-masculinity.”

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