Saturday, June 3, 2017

Ted Cruz schools Harvard history prof Joyce Chaplin who incredibly ignorant of origins of the United States

The take away here that takes my breath away is that this is the caliber teachers at Harvard today.  They're ripping off people blind at 50k a year tuition with frauds like this woman in the classroom.   

Powerlinereports it is beyond my power of discernment to identify the most over-the-top comment criticizing President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord. But this tweet by a Harvard professor named Joyce Chaplin is surely a contender:

Joyce Chaplin tweeted:
The USA, created by int’l community in Treaty of Paris in 1783, betrays int’l community by withdrawing from #parisclimateagreement today.

Chaplin teaches American Studies. Yet, she appears not to know how America was created. Ted Cruz reminded her:

Ted Cruz tweeedt
Just sad. Tenured chair at Harvard, doesn’t seem to know how USA was created. Not a treaty. Declaration+Revolutionary War+Constitution=USA.

He added:
Lefty academics @ my alma mater think USA was “created by int’l community.” No–USA created by force, the blood of patriots & We the People. Treaty of Paris simply memorialized that fact, of our total victory at Yorktown. Her claim is like saying a plastic globe created the earth.
 Cruz is right. After all, Abraham Lincoln didn’t say:
Four score years ago, the international community brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in Paris and dedicated to the proposition that we shall abide by the wishes of foreigners.

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  1. Actually the war formally ended by treaty in 1783 with the signing of the the treaty by England and USA in Paris as stated in history books if you took the time to look. This was the Official recognition of the new country by the international community.

    1. But to the the original point of the post. The treaty doesn't mean that the U.S. was created by the international community as the Harvard prof stupidly put forth.