Sunday, June 25, 2017

Watch A Lunatic Leftist Woman Ybia Anderson Totally Loses Her Mind Over Confederate Flag-Adorned Dukes Of Hazzard Car

This is so hilarious how this chic tales herself so serious.  Nobody cares she's upset over the Gen. Lee automobile. 
She really needs to take a pill or smoke some weed and go away.  I always though the car was cool.  
Daily Caller reports a woman attending a festival in the suburbs of Toronto massively freaked out upon seeing a replica of the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard — and filmed her freakout, and then uploaded the whole thing on Facebook.

The scandalized festival-goer, Ybia Anderson, completely lost her mind at the sight of the 1969 Dodge Charger famous for its Confederate flag-adorned roof and lack of doors.

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Kenn Daily has a response to Ybia Anderson and accuses her of being an anti-white bigot racist  


  1. They should have just told her that she doesn't have the authority to demand anything. If she doesn't like it leave. While I'm no fan of the Confederate Flag [due to the reason it was created and because good people stood around and allowed it to be used in a hateful way] it would be presumptuous of me to believe that I could choose what cars were allowed or not. Regardless, they have a right to have the car there just as a black heritage event would have the right to have a BLM labeled car or a Black Power labeled car there.

  2. Just another self-righteous psycho trying to make something 'racist' when it was just a replica of a car from a tv series. The "confederate flag(which was only the Virginia Battle flag was never a symbol of racism until people like ybia Anderson made it that way. the civil war has been over for a very long time and folks like HER are the ones that keep the 'hate' alive by their own self-indugent hateful ways. grow up ybia!