Monday, July 10, 2017

Blame it on Andrew Cuomo: 74% subway riders NOW late...

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been playing a slick game acting as if he isn't 100% responsible for the state of the transit system.  He is ground zero for the state of disrepair because he appoints the MTA boss that Cuomo gave to a political hack
who never rode the subways.  And Cuomo foolishly believes he has a shot of defeating President Trump in 2020? 

NY Daily News reports New Yorkers are showing up late, losing pay and even getting fired due to the sorry state of the city’s subways, a new report finds.

A whopping 74% of working straphangers said they’ve been late to a work meeting in the past three months because of a subway delay, according to a survey of riders by city Controller Scott Stringer. 

And many suffered more serious consequences — 13% lost wages in the last three months, and 2% said they’d been fired.

In the survey of more than 1,200 subway riders at 143 stations around the city, 18% said they’ve been reprimanded by their supervisor at work because of subway delays over the same period.

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Miss Piggy has a better shot at becoming president than Andrew Cuomo! 

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