Wednesday, July 5, 2017

CNN goes Tony Soprano on Reddit threatens user who created Trump CNN takedown video #CNNBlackmail causes Outrage

CNN is out of control and they are so far gone, they don't realize how this stunt only further plunges their credibility in the toilet where it belongs. 

Fox News reports CNN was facing almost universal backlash on Wednesday after running an article on the Reddit user who made an anti-CNN, wrestling-themed GIF tweeted by President Trump over the weekend – and seeming to imply the network would reveal the person’s identity if he reneged on an apology. 

Andrew Kaczynski, the senior editor and founding member of the cable network's KFile investigative team, tweeted several defenses of the article, saying parts were “being misinterpreted.” But #CNNBlackmail was a top trend on Twitter Wednesday morning, as numerous media figures spoke out against the move. 

Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz even suggested on Twitter that CNN could have a legal problem

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