Saturday, July 22, 2017

Leftist Mob of protesters shut down Minneapolis Leftist mayor's press conference as Leftist police chief RESIGNS over death of bride-to-be Justine Damond shot by Leftist Cop

This is the thing you have to understand about Minneapolis. 
It's a cauldron of Liberalism and yet the Leftists who live there still bitch about conditions and policies that already catering to them.  What's the lesson?  Liberals will never be satisfied, ever, even when they have diversity, green energy and community policing.  They will ALWAYS find something to bitch about.
Daily Mail reports just hours after the Minneapolis police chief was forced to resign on Friday over the fatal shooting of an Australian woman, outraged protesters took over the mayor's City Hall press conference and called for her resignation.

'We do not want you as our mayor!' a protester yelled at Mayor Betsy Hodges, who asked for the resignation of Police Chief Janeé Harteau following the police-involved shooting death of Justine Damond on Saturday night.

'You have been ineffective as a leader and we want you to take your staff with you because they have terrorized us enough,' the man yelled as protesters in the room called for 'Justice for Justine'.

'I have heard you, and I have listened...,' Mayor Hodges said as she attempted to calm the crowd, but she was immediately interrupted as the man continued to yell: 'You have failed us since you’ve been in office. Stop killing us!'

The crowd of protesters then started chanting, 'Bye, bye Betsy' as the mayor was escorted out of the press conference. 

Justine Damond was killed Saturday night after calling 911 to report a possible sexual assault near her home in south Minneapolis, when responding officer, Mohamed Noor, shot her from his squad car.

'Justine didn't have to die. This should not have happened,' Harteau said in a press conference on Thursday.
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Somebody left the door open at the Zoo! 

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