Saturday, July 8, 2017

No skin off America's Nose: G-20 Shut Trump Out on Climate, Strike Deal on Trade

And the downside to this is what? 
If the G20 wants to believe a myth about man-made climate change, they can go right ahead.  The U.S. will be fine and continue to have the world largest and most important economy. 

NewsMax reports world powers lined up against U.S. President Donald Trump on climate change Saturday, reaffirming their support for international efforts to fight global warming.

The final statement of the Group of 20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, underlined that the other countries and the European Union supported the Paris climate agreement rejected by Trump. They called the deal to reduce greenhouse gases "irreversible" and vowed to implement it quickly and without exception.

The other countries, from European powers such as Germany to emerging ones such as China and energy producers such as Saudi Arabia, dismissively "took note" of the U.S. position, which was boxed off in a separate paragraph that the summit host, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, made clear applied only to the United States.

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