Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Republicans just dodged political disaster on health care

I don't know where this healthcare debate is gping to wind up.
  But, GOPers have run out of excuses.  They ran on repeal and replace for seven years and has thus far exposed themselves as serial liars. 

CNN reports senate Republicans won a relatively minor but important legislative victory on health care on Tuesday afternoon. But the lengths they had to go to secure it -- John McCain flying back from Arizona fewer than two weeks removed from surgery that led to a brain cancer diagnosis -- suggest the problems, political and policy-wise, that await congressional GOPers and the Trump White House.

Republicans woke up Tuesday morning faced with the possibility that, even with McCain's return to Washington, they would not be able to secure the votes they needed to merely bring the health care bill to the floor and allow it to be debated. 

In the usual legislative cycle, the "motion to proceed" -- which is what Republicans passed Tuesday -- is merely a formality. But, as with all things related to health care, it became a nail-biter as Vice President Mike Pence broke a 50-50 Senate tie to pass it.

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