Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sleazy Muelller tries to turn Manafort

I see Robert Mueller crawled out from under his rick to create crimes instead of finding them. 
Somebody needs to investigate his life.

Rueters reports U.S. investigators examining money laundering accusations against President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort hope to push him to cooperate with their probe into possible collusion between Trump's campaign and Russia, two sources with direct knowledge of the investigation said. 

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team is examining Manafort's financial and real estate records in New York as well as his involvement in Ukrainian politics, the officials said.

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There needs to be an investigation into the lawyers working for Muelller who were money bunglers foe Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  I wonder if any of that money came from foreign donors?  Oh, that's right Hillary collected big checks from foreign governments while secretary state.  Unethical?  Criminal?  Where's the investigation on that?      


  1. Sleazy Mueller? Love the respect you show a Bronze Star and Purple Heart winning US Marine. You must be ashamed to call yourself an American much less a Conservative.

  2. Well Anonymous given you hiding to make a brave noise. Yes, he's a sleaze for staking his staff with biased Democrat loyalists. Muelller and Comey are friends. And my conservative credentials are beyond reproach.