Saturday, August 12, 2017

Fired Google engineer pens WSJ editorial on how he lost his job due to 'echo chamber of ideology'

This firing will be a very teachable moment on how Liberals are not most intolerant people and how much they don't realize it.
  Although they preach diversity, they do not believe in diversity of thought.  It's either Liberal group think, or nothing.
Daily Mail reports the Google engineer who was fired on Monday after penning a controversial 10-page memo claiming women are 'biologically' less likely to succeed in the technology industry wrote an editorial on his demise at the tech giant.

Software engineer James Damore was let go for violating the company's code of conduct. In Damore's op-ed he specifically calls out Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai who stated his memo crossed the line and advanced 'harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace.'

Damore defended his memo and set out again to take issue with what he calls the company's 'ideological echo chamber,' in his piece published by The Wall Street Journal on Friday. 
Damore's offending missive suggested 'men and women biologically differ in many ways.'

Among perceived differences, Damore said women have 'a stronger interest in people rather than things' which he said explains 'why women prefer jobs in social or artistic areas.' 

Whereas their male counterparts are more suited to the tech industry and jobs like coding because because 'it requires systematizing.'

Damore's memo also suggested women aren't in as many high-stress jobs as they are 'more prone to neuroticism.'
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