Saturday, August 5, 2017

Leftist Activist Target Private School: California parents Sue Private School for Refusing to Let Their Trans 8 Year-Old Son Use Girls' Bathroom, Uniform

This is a set up! 
There is no shortage of schools in the red state of California that will accommodate this poor child that is being used by his parents.  This private school was deliberately target for the sole purpose of getting a Liberal court to stomp on the rights of a private school.    

CNS News reports the familyof an eight year-old boy who identifies himself as a girl is suing a private school in California for refusing to grant his gender-based demands.

When Nicole Brar entered third grade at Heritage Oak Private Education, he declared to the school that he now identifies as a girl. When the private school refused to let him wear the school’s uniform for girls – or use the girls’ bathroom – his parents sued.

As KABC reports on the school’s alleged offenses:
“The suit alleges that Heritage Oak, which is located in Yorba Linda, refused to call their daughter Nikki Brar by her name."

"The suit also claims the school insisted that Nikki wear a boy's uniform and use the boy's bathroom. It also states that the school barred teachers from protecting her from bullying and harassment.”

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