Tuesday, August 8, 2017

New England Colleges Dominate Top 20 ‘Most Liberal’ Student Bodies

Academia is the training ground to feed The Swamp! 

CNS News reports a new survey ranks the 20 “most liberal” student bodies at U.S. colleges today.
 The rankings are based on a survey, conducted by The Princeton Review, of 137,000 students attending the 382 schools discussed in their 2018 “Best Colleges” asked the following
question:"Politically, are you far-left, Democrat, non-partisan, Republican, or far-right?

"While Oregon’s Reed College ranks the number one “most liberal” student body, Massachusetts has the most schools in the top 20 (five). In all, schools in New England states account for eight of the top 20. California colleges hold three of the top five “most liberal” rankings, however.

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