Sunday, August 20, 2017

NYPD shows the incompetent Charlottesvile Police how to handle protests

To this day the honchos who run the Charlottesville police dept. insists that they were not ordered to stand down during the Charlottesville protests by the Liberal administration who run that town. 

I and many others don't believe that for a second! 

But, let's say it's true.  That would mean the Charlottesville PD is the worse police in the United States when it comes to crowd control.  That would mean the police chief is incompetent and needed to be fire yesterday. 

Last week there were protests outside Trump Tower because President Trump had come to stay a few days.  Both pro and anti Trump forces showed up and nothing happened.  Why? Because in those situations NYPD keeps opposing groups penned in and barricaded away from each other to the point where the groups cannot see each other.  In Charlottesville, the police apparently didn't know enough that having opposing groups in close proximity to each other is a recipe for disaster. 

But, CPD wasn't ordered to stand down, so they say.  Well, that makes them the most unprofessional police force in the nation.          

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