Monday, August 7, 2017

Pentagon green lights military to destroy drones over US bases

That's good to hear.  But, why wasn't this standard policy before? 

Reuters reports the Pentagon has given more than 130 U.S. military bases across the United States the green light to shoot down private and commercial drones that could endanger aviation safety or pose other threats. 

The number of uncrewed aircraft in U.S. skies has zoomed in recent years and continues to increase rapidly - along with concern among U.S. and private-sector officials that dangerous or even hostile drones could get too close to places like military bases, airports and sports stadiums. 

While the specific actions that the U.S. military can take against drones are classified, they include destroying or seizing private and commercial drones that pose a threat, Pentagon spokesman Navy Captain Jeff Davis told reporters on Monday.

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  1. Why are Mere Citizens not permitted to do the same, then, over their own property?

    The stench is overwhelming.