Thursday, August 10, 2017

Shots Fired, Cop Down: Cop shot in Brooklyn by deranged man with rifle++

My Lord!  This is bad.  I hope the officer is alright. 

NY Post reports an NYPD cop was shot in Brooklyn by a deranged man with a rifle — who opened fire on him and his partner as soon as they entered his apartment — and is now holed up inside, according to police sources.

Officer Hart Nguyen, of the 75th Precinct, was hit twice in the bulletproof vest and once in the arm while responding to a call of an emotionally disturbed person at a residence in 149 Ridgewood Ave. in Cypress Hills, the sources said.

He was rushed to Jamaica Hospital and is expected to survive.

It was initially unclear if anyone else is inside the apartment with the suspect, but sources said it was the man’s mother who called the police on him.

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