Tuesday, August 8, 2017

What happens when Govt forces $15 min wage on business

I walked into this McDonald's on Court Street in Brooklyn and this is what I saw. 
The place had been retooled with Kiosks for customers to order their food.  You know what else I saw?  Less workers.  Those missing workers no longer have a job because they believed in politicians lies about getting them a so-called living wage. 

That was never going to happen and they were told that business like McDonald's and other places were going to make adjustments in order to stay in business.    

The Drive for $15 was a scam to get votes.

Ya' been took once again! 


  1. Except many of the previous "workers" were "urban youfs" who didn't want the friggin' job in the first place, and who will now leech off welfare paid by the Deplorables through their taxes. From the fourth-world culture perspective, what's not to like???

  2. I've got the same stupid kiosks down here in Florida. No 15 dollar minimum wage here!!

  3. Proof positive that the real minimum wage is, and always was, zero.