Saturday, September 9, 2017

Ex-NBA star Tim Duncan, country singer Kenny Chesney vow to help devastated Caribbean islands

I'm really happy to hear this because the media coverage about what’s happened to Caribbean Islands have been very spotty. 
Most of the focus has been on Florida and I understand that.  But, people live on those islands too.   

Fox News reports retired San Antonio Spurs star Tim Duncan is asking for help for the U.S. Virgin Islands, decimated by Hurricane Irma just days ago, and country singer Kenny Chesney is launching a relief foundation for the islands.

Duncan, who was born and grew up in the U.S. Virgin Islands, said in The Players’ Tribune that he is donating $250,000 immediately to storm relief efforts and will match donations up to the first $1 million.

“The people there, many of whom are old friends of mine, are suffering,” he wrote. “Weather reports say that another Category 5 storm, Hurricane Jose, is close behind. No one knows what the place will look like when the rain stops.”

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