Monday, September 11, 2017

Fashion Idiots at Vogue Mag ask: After Harvey and Irma, When Will Trump Stop Denying Climate Change?

These morons should stick to covering fashion week. 
They're not qualified for anything else. 
Vogue-Harvey and Irma have hit US soil within a timespan of two weeks: one is a superstorm whose torrential rainfall forced the National Weather Service to add two new colors to its maps, another is the hurricane said to be one of the strongest ever recorded in the Atlantic. While we seem to have gotten used to the word “unprecedented” to describe our current political climate, meteorologists are still happily applying the same term to hurricanes. The problem is, these extreme weather events are going to be less and less "unprecedented" as our earth heats up, and our only chance of survival lies in acknowledging exactly that.

While scientists can not blame individual hurricanes on climate change (there is always a host of factors at work, like an illness rarely has one individual cause), certain patterns are clear: Hurricanes get their energy from warm ocean waters, and the temperatures of our oceans have been steadily rising. Sea levels have been rising around the world, which makes storm surges much more dangerous. Plus, keeping Houston’s record-breaking 50-inch rainfall in mind, a warmer atmosphere can hold more water vapor, which results in more rain.

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Hey Vogue!  You see that giant orange thing in the sky?  It's called the Sun!  That affects the climate on Earth and the other planets.  No amount of carbon reduction will affect whatever the Sun does.  And who controls the Sun?  God! 

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