Saturday, September 16, 2017

Naxine Waters takes a cheap shot at Melania's marriage to President Trump

What do you expect from a woman of low class such as Maxine Waters? 
She's a piece of dirt and people like her make stupid comments all the time.  In fact, I can't remember anything intelligent coming out of her mouth.  It would be front page news if it ever happened. 

AOL News reports Democratic Representative Maxine Waters continues to blast President Trump.

"Democrats can’t trust Trump, Republicans can’t trust Trump, and Melania can’t trust Trump," she tweeted Friday.

While the California lawmaker didn’t specify why Melania "can’t trust Trump," there have been other reports that claim the first lady is simply unhappy with the new political direction their lives have taken. 

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Maxine Waters better worrying about staying out of prison while she's under an ethics investigation for steering millions of taxpayer dollars to her husband bank.     

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