Sunday, September 10, 2017

Omarosa put on White House 'no-fly list' to keep her away from Trump: report

Kelly is doing his job as the gatekeeper.  But, I think the media is going overboard
with the so-called "no fly: list.  If President Trump really needs to see Omarosa, it will happpen despite Kelly.

Fox News reports Omarosa Manigault appears to have run afoul of new White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, who has taken steps to limit her access to President Trump as he tries to bring discipline to a chaotic West Wing, according to a news report.

She has been put on a so-called “no-fly list” that Kelly is keeping of White House aides he deems unfit to attend serious meetings, The New York Times reported.

A senior White House official adamantly denied the report, calling it "completely false."
Hers is the most prominent name on the list according to The Times report which describes her as a former “Apprentice” star with an ill-defined job in the White House.

The paper reported late Friday that Manigault's penchant for dropping into meetings to which she was not invited is what landed her on the no-fly list.

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