Monday, September 4, 2017

Texas 'Dreamer' killed volunteering during Harvey floods

This really sad to hear.
NY Daily News reports a hero “Dreamer” was found dead by his heartbroken family Sunday after his boat capsized in the storm-swollen bayou waters of Houston.

Mexico-born Alonso Guillen, 31, braved the surging Harvey floods Wednesday during a midnight rescue mission with two friends. Their vessel hit a bridge and sank in Cypress Creek, according to the Houston Chronicle.

A second person, 25-year-old Tomas Carreon Jr., was also killed and found floating in the river, officials said.

Guillen’s father, Jesus Guillen, kept watch from shore with other family members until his son’s body was spotted floating downstream Sunday. Another relative jumped into the water to grab him, the paper reported.

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  1. The battle being waged is largely anecdotal. One side cherry picks a few pre-med students and outstanding citizens, the other side picks out the rapists, murderers and drunk drivers, etc.
    The solution, it seems to me, should be settled on the rule of law, rather than any touchy feely anecdotes.