Thursday, September 7, 2017

Tiger on the loose near Atlanta killed by police

You don't see this every day.
CNN reports the mystery has been solved: A Bengal tiger shot dead Wednesday after it roamed a community below Atlanta and attacked a dog had escaped unnoticed while being transported, officials said.

Alarmed residents made multiple calls to 911 after seeing the animal, said Capt. Joey Smith of Henry County police. For hours, people wondered how the female tiger came to roam through several locations near Interstate 75 and Jodeco Road.

Feld Entertainment, which had been contracted to move the tiger, said it does not know how Suzy, 6, got out of her enclosure while she was being transported from Tampa, Florida, to Memphis, Tennessee. A truck carrying Suzy had made a stop in Georgia overnight, officials said.

She was last seen by her caretakers on Tuesday night, said Feld Entertainment spokesman Stephen Payne.

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