Sunday, September 3, 2017

Trump calls North Korea 'a great threat' after latest nuclear test: 'VERY HOSTILE AND DANGEROUS

It's not about what North Korea does.  North Korea has to worry what the United States will do to them.  Let's remember Kim Jung Un backed away from striking Guam.  So now he's back to the same old same old. 
My policy toward North Korea would be this: Ignore-Destroy.  They can fire off missiles or conduct nuclear tests all they want.  Don't react and give them any attention.  But, if they launch an attack against us or our allies, destroy North Korea off the face of the Earth.  Simple.   
Fox News reports President Trump on Sunday responded to North Korea’s nuclear test, calling it “very hostile and dangerous” to the United States.

The rogue nation claimed it detonated a hydrogen bomb with "perfect success," carrying out its sixth nuclear test that drew immediate condemnation from its neighbors. Trump said on Twitter the rogue nation's actions were "hostile and dangerous." 

“North Korea has conducted a major nuclear test,” Trump said in a series of tweet. “Their words and actions continue to be very hostile and dangerous to the United States.”

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