Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Clueless Roger Goodell tells NFL owners ‘everyone should stand for the national anthem’ Pretty please

I thought Roger Goodell was a sharp guy. 
Unfortunately, he's totally misread and mismanaged this situation.  If he thinks passing an edict at this juncture requiring NFL players to stand during the national anthem will heal the wounds already created in the fan base, he's sadly mistaken.  It's going to take a lot more and his and the leagues problems are far from solved.    

Kansas City Star reports NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Tuesday wrote a letter to all 32 league owners regarding the protests that have taken place during the national anthem, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported. 

In the letter, which Schefter shared on his Facebook page, Goodell wrote that the “current dispute over the National Anthem is threatening to erode the unifying power of our game, and is now dividing us, and our players, from many fans across the country.”

Last year, former San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick sat down and later took a knee during the playing of the national anthem as protest against racial injustice. More players have joined the protests and President Donald Trump spoke out against the activity in September and has continued to do so.

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