Saturday, October 7, 2017

I've known him for years. I'm not surprised': Trump says about Harvey Weinstein sex scandal

Harvey Weinstein is a sleaze that was allowed to operate as a sexual predator because he supported the Democrat Party. 
Birds of a feather flocked together which is why he loved to pal around with the Clintons.  He's a disgusting man!
Daily Mail reports President Donald Trump said on Saturday that he has known movie mogul Harvey Weinstein 'a long time' and that he's 'not surprised' by the revelations he paid eight women money to settle sexual harassment claims over the past three decades.
When asked by a reporter how the Weinstein revelations were different from an Access Hollywood tape in which Trump is overheard saying he grabs women by the genitals, he replied: 'That's locker room. That's locker room.'
The president made the remarks to reporters at the White House on Saturday.
Trump saying he's 'not surprised' suggests that like many Hollywood insiders and heavyweights,  he knew about Weinstein's behavior and did nothing to stop it.
Ironically, Trump's comments about Weinstein were made nearly one year to the day that an audio tape of him bragging about 'grabbing women by the p***y' was leaked

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Hey, Daily Mail!  Donald Trump was not a Hollywood insider.  He was an extremely successful real estate developer.  That's a totally different industry.  There's a reason why I haven't been using the Daily Mail as souce material as much as I used to.  Their standards are beginning to slip and it’s sad to see. 

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  1. My memory may be off, but I do believe President Trump said he could not that he did. Worthless Willie otoh could make Weinstein look like a Saint.