Saturday, October 21, 2017

Michigan Dad Kenny White gets killed after teens allegedly throw rock off highway overpass

Oh Man!  This is so wrong.  Teens do stupid things, 
I know I did when I was a teen.  Now four children don't have a father, a family shattered.  Heartbreaking! 

NY Post reports several Michigan teens are accused of killing a construction worker on his way home from work after they tossed a huge rock from an interstate overpass that crashed through the windshield of the car the father of four was traveling in.

Law enforcement sources said the alleged rock-throwers, who were arrested Friday, threw the rock as a prank, WXYZ-TV reported.

Kenny White, 32, of Mount Morris, was killed Wednesday night when the rock broke through the windshield of his friend’s car on I-75 in Genesee County’s Vienna Township, about 80 miles north of Detroit.

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UPDATE: Teens arrested and charged see here

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  1. This story really hurts since my buddy and I as teen punks did something similar only chunks of pumpkin instead of rocks. But the same thing could have easily happened. What idiots we were. The next day I had the shakes thinking about it.