Saturday, November 11, 2017

Can I take back my votes for John McCain and Mitt Romney?

I live in New York, so there's no way I can vote in Alabama for Judge Roy Moore for the Senate. 
But, I can send money instead and show support to a man who is  being treated unfairly in a nasty political fight by scumbags, both Democrats and Republicans.

Speaking of scumbags, where can I go to reverse my votes for John McCain and Mitt Romney for president?  I thought these two men were men of honor, but that's not true.  Romney and McCain are both a disgrace to the Republican Party!  They’ve fooled a lot of people into believing they are proper gentlemen, but they're not!

I cannot express strongly enough that I regret casting a vote for both of these sad, petty, men who have done so much to tarnish their own reputations. 

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  1. While I do not regret voting for McCain or Romney in the general election (consider the alternative), both McCain and Romney were at the bottom of my list in the primaries.
    The despicable things they both have said since the elections further illustrate my point that there is a crying need for primary reform in the Republican party. Too many are "open" primaries, where liberals and voter fraud (but I repeat myself) can select the weakest, most beatable Republican for the Democrats to bulldoze in the general election.