Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Democrat anchor Charlie Rose suspended by CBS after 8 women accuse him of sexual harassment

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Have you notice more Libs are being caught up in the sexual harassment mania than conservatives?
CNN Money reports Charlie Rose was suspended by CBS on Monday after eight women accused him of sexual harassment, with allegations including groping, unwanted sexual advances and inappropriate phone calls.

The Washington Post broke the news about Rose, a co-host on "CBS This Morning," a "60 Minutes" correspondent and the star of an eponymous PBS interview program. It published claims from the women -- three of whom went on the record -- in a story that became the latest to allege that a member of the media's power class demonstrated inappropriate behavior.

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  1. I fear that this is a set up on Trump. I believe the deep state has a couple or many false accusers lined up against DJT, just as they did with Moore, waiting for just the right moment to spring them into the public eye.

    D State is shitcanning Dems as an excuse to be able to say, "look at all the noble people we've discovered and run out of town so Trump has to go also".

    They are expending lots of political capital on these events, taking out their own to look righteous in the public eye.

    So many MSM leftards turning on their own is very unusual, I dare say impossible. D State will stop at nothing to get DJT out as they have over 50 years invested in making the USA Socialist and DJT is unwinding those efforts quickly.