Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Last Tradition stand by Judge Roy Moore against ALL these false accusers

Unlike big money blogs, conservative radio hosts with paid advertisers, my blog generates very little revenue.  So I can continue to stand by Judge Moore against these women who I believe are lying through teeth to either ger a quick 15 minutes of fame, or are being sponsored by Democrat and Republican politicians who want to keep The Swamp full to capacity. 
I see holes in all these accusers stories that C-130 transport planes can be flown through.  We all see it. 
I stand with Judge Moore! 


  1. Same for me. 40 years, not a peep. Now, when things are on the line, and Moore has indicated he will not toe Bitch McCommies line, this happens?

  2. This is probably from Songbird McShame. Just like the "Russian" dossier.

  3. Good for you. Imagine what you would do if someone accussed you of an alleged act 40 years ago with the goal of destroying your reputation. Takes guts to call out these liars.