Monday, January 15, 2018

Alveda King: Trump Is Not Racist, African-Americans Benefit From His Presidency

The corrupt media never covers what Alveda King has to say. 
Just like they have no use Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele or Walter Williams.  All of them brilliant conservatives who happen to be Black.  That's the phoniness and hypocrisy of Liberals.  They lecture the world about inclusion, diversity, and fairness and it's all bullshit.  If one doesn't think they way they do, they get excluded and scorned.   
NewsMax reports Martin Luther King Jr.'s niece threw her support behind President Donald Trump on Monday, defending him against accusations of racism.
Last week, Trump reportedly referred to Haiti, El Salvador and some African countries as "s***hole nations," prompting a backlash. Trump denied being a racist on Sunday, telling reporters, "I'm the least racist person you will ever interview."
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  1. maybe , one day people will be more concerned with citizens who are black and NOT africans