Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Man Jacinto Suarez killed in random subway attack was ‘sweetheart’ dad of 10

I ride the subways everyday and by the grace of God there go I.  So sad!
NY Post reports a Staten Island man who was pushed to his death on a Brooklyn subway platform Wednesday was a dad of 10 who had been heading home after arguing with officials over a late Social Security check, loved ones said.
Before his fateful trip, Jacinto Suarez, 65, had joked with his family that he wasn’t going to come home unless he had his check in hand, according to daughter Tylenea Gonzalez, 34.

“He supposedly got accepted to SSI, [supplemental security income] so he was going down there. He was going over his case cause they told him they were going to send him his check on the first (of the month),” a heartbroken Gonzalez told The Post.

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