Sunday, January 14, 2018

Migrants Fleeing to Canada Learn Even Liberal Nation Has Limits: Haitian illegal refuses to go back to Haiti Guess why?

I wanna see how long our good neighbors to the North can continue the socialists spending habits. 
Sooner or later the money runs out because it always does.  Ask the people of Venezuela.  
NY Times reports after fleeing to Montreal from Long Island, Marlise Beauville felt, she said, as if she had reached the Promised Land.

She entered the country last summer without immigration papers, yet received a work permit, a monthly stipend of 600 Canadian dollars, or $480, free health care and free French lessons. 

The weather has become bone-cold chilly but her Canadian neighbors are warm.

Though it is not clear that she will be able to stay, she is hunkering down, adamant that limbo in Canada is better than returning to Haiti, where she fears that the family of her dead husband will kill her. “I won’t — I can’t — go back to Haiti,” said Ms. Beauville, a caregiver from Anse-à-Veau, Haiti, who was visiting a Haitian community center here the other day.

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