Sunday, February 11, 2018

MSNBC Joy Reid, a Moron, Becomes Heroine of the Resistance

If this is what the so-called "resistance" has for a Heroine, President Trump has nothing to worry about. 
Joy Reid doesn't know what she doesn’t know.  And it's a lot!    

NY Times in early January, Joy-Ann Reid invited Pastor Mark Burns to be a guest on her MSNBC show to discuss disparaging comments that President Trump had made about Haitian and African immigrants. The pastor, a defender of Mr. Trump, refused to acknowledge a vulgarity the president had applied to those countries, as confirmed by two senators. Mr. Burns interrupted Ms. Reid when she spoke and talked over her when she tried to argue. Not one to brook insults from a guest, Ms. Reid called for a “time out” and told Pastor Burns he was wasting her time.

You’re wasting my time,” he replied.

“Oh, well, then, if I’m wasting your time,” she said, “then goodbye.”

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