Friday, March 23, 2018

Blame Paul Ryan for Monstrous Budge Not Trump

While a lot of Republicans are upset at President Trump for signing a budget with a whole of spending GOPers promised to get rid of, the budget started in the House of Representatives. 

That's Paul Ryan's shop. 

He's the SPOTH.  He's also an establishment Republican who should explain why he handed the president a shit sandwich to sign.  It's Ryan who should be on the same page with a president of his own party. 

Trump was unhappy.  It was plain to see.  But, Ronald Reagan believed if he could only get have a loaf of bread, take it, and get the rest later.  The later comes in six months and the heat has to be put on Paul Ryan starting right now to avoid a repeat of what happened today.     

Trump: A lot of things I'm unhappy about in spending bill from CNBC.

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