Thursday, March 15, 2018

Pure Bull: GOP Faces 60-Seat Loss in House, Control of Senate

I do not believe this prediction coming from a GOP strategist. 
However, I do believe a willingness by the GOP establishment not to fight so hard in the mid-terms to cripple the Trump agenda and keep the swamp going.    

NewsMax reports the apparent win of Democrat Conor Lamb for Pennsylvania's 18th District has shaken the Republican establishment to its foundations and points to a "wave election" in the coming midterms that will end Republican control of both the House and the Senate.

"If the trend continues until Election Day, the Republicans are looking at a loss of 60 or more House seats and control of the Senate," a top Republican strategist who asked not to be identified told Newsmax in the wake of the stunning Democratic upset Tuesday.

Some Republicans took comfort in Republican Rick Saccone's photo-finish against Lamb, but political insiders said the result was nothing less than a political disaster.
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