Friday, April 6, 2018

Santa Clara dorm urges students to 'S-Know your Whiteness'

This kind of crap is rampant on our college campuses.  It needs to be fought back vigorously.  Also, this is the kind mindset that permeates the Democrat Party and is the reason it alienates the largest demographic group in the U.S.--White people.  

Campus Reform reports a dormitory display at Santa Clara University warns white students to “understand your privilege” and use their “power to advocate” by calling out racial microaggressions.

The “S-know your Whiteness” display, decorated with an apple and a print-out of Disney Princess Snow White, tells students that “whiteness” is an “ideology” that is “socially constructed,” noting that it has been selectively applied even to white people.

"My initial reaction to the display was that I go to a university that hides an aggressive liberal agenda behind the mask of Jesuit values."    Tweet This
 “Race has no scientific basis,” the display reads, asserting that “we learn and conform to the ideology [of race] as we are socialized into the world.”

Whiteness “is about power,” according to the display, which adds that “whiteness is often invisible to ‘white’ people, perpetrating inequalities.”

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