Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Trump Signs EO to Emphasize Work Requirements for Welfare

There's dignity in working.  That's a good thing to help people lift themselves out of poverty. 

Free Beacon reports President Donald Trump put welfare reform front-and-center Tuesday evening, signing an executive order to begin a review of federal welfare programs to ensure that they promote helping dependents out of poverty.

The order outlines key principles to shape welfare in the coming months. These include encouraging economic independence; supporting marriage and family; providing more flexibility to the states; and streamlining services.

To implement these principles to the extent the executive branch is able, the order focuses primarily on enforcing and expanding work requirements associated with current federal welfare programs. At present, that means few concrete changes, but Trump has now instructed a number of his cabinet secretaries to review preexisting regulations and programs to ensure that they comport with the administration's goals.

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