Sunday, May 13, 2018

Trump releases Mother’s Day greeting: ‘I miss’ my mother ‘a lot’

I know how it feels to miss a Mom on Mother's Day.  I lost mine two years ago.
  Had a good cry this morning.
AOL News reports President Trump said in a Mother’s Day video message on Sunday that he misses his mother “a lot.”

In the video posted to his Twitter account, Trump thanked all of America’s mothers and grandmothers and recognized their important role in the country’s history. 

“My mother was a great person,” Trump added. 

“Her name was Mary MacLeod. She came from Scotland, and she met my father when she was very young. They were married for many, many years. I learned so much from my mother. She was just incredible—warm, loving, really smart. Could be tough if she had to be, but basically, she was a really nice person.” 

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