Wednesday, October 3, 2018

We're suppose to believe Christine Blassey Ford because she's a woman? Sorry, no dice, Honey!

That's right I said it! 
Ms. Ford has been exposed as the biggest fraud since the Rev. Al Sharpton.  Nothing that came out of her mouth the day she testified in front the Senate committee has been proven true by any way shape or form. 

Her gender doesn't carry the day for as much as Leftists want.  She's a big far liar who needs to be prosecuted for perjury.  She and the other wacky women who aren't worth naming need to be made an example of. 

Judge Brett Kavanaugh 's reputation has been needlessly destroyed by these evil women.  They need to face the music if only to warn others that this kind of recklessness will not be tolerated without paying a painful price. 

Lock them up!  

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