Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Swamp Creature Paul Ryan laments 'broken politics' and doesn't apologize for stabbing Trump in the back multiple times

The biggest reason why Republicans lost the House was because Speaker Paul Ryan didn't lift a finger to keep it. 
He stabbed President Trump in the back every opportunity he got.  Ryan never fought for the Trump agenda, especially for the border wall.  He's a disgrace!
Fox News reports outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan lamented the country's “broken politics” and partisan fights during his farewell address on Wednesday, while also praising the achievements of Congress during the chaotic three years he held the gavel.

“We have taken on some of the biggest challenges of our time, and made a great and lasting difference in the trajectory of this country,” Ryan, R-Wis., who will likely be replaced by Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi in the new session, said during his speech at the Library of Congress. “Certainly one Congress cannot solve all that ails us. Not every outcome has been perfect.”

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