Sunday, February 3, 2019

Virginia Gov. Northam now says racist photo isn’t him, won’t resign

The release of this photo raises my suspicion because it distracts away from the heat Gov. Nortam was getting from Virginia new abortion law. 
That is issue it much more important than a 30 year old photo in a yearbook.  There's some slick stuff going on that the Democrats may be behind.  
Washington Times reports Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam said Wednesday that while he has darkened his skin before to imitate a black man, he doesn’t think he is in the photo that appears on his 1984 medical school yearbook page showing someone in blackface and another person in a KKK costume.

Mr. Northam, speaking in Richmond, cast himself as a martyr of his times, saying he won’t resign because that would be the easy way out. Instead, he said, he will stay in office to punish himself and to force “a discussion about these difficult issues.”
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