Thursday, March 14, 2019

DOJ Corruption: Strzok: DOJ made agreement with Clinton lawyers to block FBI access to Clinton Foundation emails

When are the indictments coming?
  How much evidence do we need to show the real collusion went on at the DOJ and the Clinton campaign.
Fox News reports the Justice Department "negotiated" an agreement with Hillary Clinton's legal team that ensured the FBI did not have access to emails on her private servers relating to the Clinton Foundation, former FBI special agent Peter Strzok testified during a closed-door appearance before the House Judiciary Committee last summer, according to a newly released transcript.

Republicans late last year renewed their efforts to probe the Clinton Foundation, after tax documents showed a plunge in its incoming donations after Clinton’s 2016 presidential election. The numbers fueled longstanding allegations of possible “pay-to-play” transactions at the organization, amid a Justice Department probe covering foundation issues.

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