Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Half of Young Americans Want to Live in Socialist Country, But 67.1% Credit Free Enterprise for High Earnings

That's because these young Americans have been miseducated as to what socialism is. 
  They're ignorant! 
CNS News reports while half of Millennial and Generation Z Americans say they’d rather live in a socialist country, an even greater percentage believe that free enterprise results in higher earnings.

According to a Harris Poll of 2,035 adults, conducted Feb. 21–25, 2019 and provided to Axios, Millennials and Generation Z respondents were more likely than the national average to agree with the statement that they would “Prefer living in a socialist country.”

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  1. Ever notice that all these Leftists never seem to leave, they just invest areas like Detroit, Philadelphia, NY, Chicago, Memphis, St Louis, San Francisco, LA, Newark, until the area dies a horrible death as a result of their hipster, socialist policies. They always leave the city looking like Dresden after WW!!. Places like Portland and Seattle are prime examples of what such vampires do to lovely places. They resemble Nuremberg in 1936.

    When they destroy the host they move on to infest places like Northern Virginia, the suburbs, Florida, NC, Arizona and repeat the cycle.

    But they never leave for a socialist society knowing that these societies wouldn't tolerate their depravity nor insanity.

  2. Let them live in Cuba and Venezuela for a while