Friday, March 1, 2019

Joe Biden campaign ready to go, but America can't stop yawning

I keep on seeing in the media that Joe Biden would vault to front runner status when he decides to run. 
But, I just can't stop laughing because Joe Biden is the biggest joke in the Democrat Party.  That in itself is an achievement in a pool that contains AOC and Corey Booker.  Who says comedy is dead?
The Hill reports Joe Biden has a campaign-in-waiting as soon as he decides to launch a White House bid.

In recent weeks, the former vice president's longtime advisers Steve Ricchetti and Mike Donilon have led a string of meetings with potential aides to fill out the campaign if Biden makes a decision to enter the race, sources tell The Hill.

Many of the positions would be filled by long-running Biden aides, a number of whom worked in the White House during the Obama administration and are acutely familiar with his style. 
“Whenever the VP makes a decision, we'll be ready to go,” said one source with direct knowledge of the planning.

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