Monday, March 4, 2019

Open Letter to Rep Jerry Nadler : If you were concerned about the rule of law, where were you when Hillary Clinton broke federal laws and collected millions from foreign governments as secretary of state, and her collision with Russia that got then 25% of our Uranium reserves?

It's s seems to me that this bogus probe is not really interested in the rule of law.   What it wants to do is smear President Trump and his family.

It’s pathetic and all about cheap I don't have anything else to offer the American people p[politics.    

1 comment:

  1. Nadler is a total, unrelenting, in-the-Demoncrap-tank, disgusting putz, with no interest whatsoever in "the rule of law" - his only interest, here, is to run a continuing, never-ending series of unreasoned, unsupported-by-any-evidence-or-logic "lawfare" jabs and slashes and pokings and smashes aimed generally at trying to grind Donald J. Trump and any and all parts of the Trump Administration entirely out of any sort of political or even physical existence. He is clearly a rabid, vicious and largely-non-reasoning blunt instrument of assault against All-Things-Trump - and he richly deserves, himself, to be run out of his present unwarrantedly-high office, and expelled from any further association with national representational politics. He is, truly, a horrid disgrace, and should never have been permitted to hold any sort of Congressional office whatsoever.
    He is a blatant example of the worst sort of U.S. Congressional representative, only being capable of a near-insane level of out-and-out immoral, political destruction.