Monday, March 11, 2019

Rep. Ilhan Omar's comments threaten district's Jewish-Somali bonds: report

Ilhan Omar is a cancer in the Democrat Party that is going undiagnosed.
  I hope they keep on ignoring the disease as long as possible until it kills the party.   
Fox News reports last week, Thomas Friedman, the columnist for the New York Times penned a column about his obvious connection to Rep. Ilhan Omar, the newly elected firebrand from Minnesota’s Fifth District—a Democratic stronghold.

Friedman was raised there. He called the district a "crazy mix of Minnesota Jews (we called ourselves "the Frozen Chosen”)" that welcomed Somali refugees like the 37-year-old "a half-century later" and elected her to Congress.

The Washington Post reported that Somali refugees started to arrive in the state back in 1993 and, despite their cultural differences, these groups came together to work for the common good. But recent comments by Omar has reportedly strained the relationship in the community.

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  1. The author is wrong. She is the true face of the Democrat Party. The norm is not cancer or the body of the party would reject it. The Dems can't even censor her. The Revolution always eats its own.