Monday, June 3, 2019

Faux leader of Dems AOC tells 2020 Dem hopeful to 'sashay away,' wants to thin out crowded field

Alexandria Occasio-Cortez is a media myth driven by 3 million followers that might be mostly bots. 
Don't fall for the head fake.  However, AOC is the best recruiting tool the GOP has for scooping up independent voters.  Remember them?  There's a reason why the MSM hardly mentions the independents anymore.  It's because the Democrats have lost them in droves to the GOP. 

Fox News reports Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Sunday used her formidable social media presence to play 2020 Democratic gatekeeper and told John Delaney, the former representative from Maryland, to "please sashay away" after he labeled Medicare for All “not good policy.”

Delaney, who was addressing the California Democratic Convention, was overwhelmingly booed when he raised concerns about the policy that would kick "150 million Americans off their health care." He said the initiative may sound good but “it’s actually not good policy, nor good politics.”

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