Sunday, July 14, 2019

Democrats don't solve problems, they create them to gain and maintain more power

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo
CA Gov. Gavin Newsome

There's a homeless problem in California and New York that's getting worse by the day. 
Both states are in firm control by Democrats.  But, Democrats don't see this as a problem.  In fact, it's a big opportunity for them.

Homelessness isn't the only issue plaguing these states.  Crime is on the rise, the streets are dirtier.  Residents in California and New York are taxed through the roof.  Many of them are fleeing the states because of oppressive taxes.  But, not all can afford to move.  So they stay and suffer as the quality of life in the states they love and live in continue to diminish.

You'd think that the Democrat governors or mayors who run the government in both of these places would make it a priority to address these issues.  But, that's not their goal.  They want the problem to get worse!  They want more tent cities, more car break ins.  It's all good because as long as they can blame the problem on racism, income inequality, homophobia, and climate change, they get to escape responsibility for their own policies that created the troubles in the first place. 

It's a vicious game and the resident of California and New York are the losers every time they keep voting Democrats back in.               

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