Monday, July 29, 2019

Ex-top cops claim they were fired for being older, female — and white

I smell a pattern here.  The same kind of lawsuit was filed by threewhite women who worked for the Department of Education. 
  They were replaced by less qualified people of color.  Apparently this is how Mayor Bill de Blasio is running New York. 

NY Post reports two of the NYPD’s former top chiefs have slapped the city with federal lawsuits, claiming they were ousted because they’re older, female — and white.

The plaintiffs — Joanne Jaffe, the department’s first female three-star Housing Bureau chief, and Diana Pizzuti, its first female chief of personnel — say they were unceremoniously booted in January 2018.

They say they were then replaced with a less experienced Hispanic woman and a white Irish man, respectively, allowing a trickle-down effect to create even more room for minorities and men.
 “We don’t have a spot for you,’’ First Deputy Chief Benjamin Tucker snipped to Pizzuti when she tried to object to being forced out, her suit says.

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